A grayscale photograph of a line of military personnel standing next to armored vehicles. The soldier in the foreground, wearing a camouflaged uniform and helmet, holds a communication device. Behind him, rows of soldiers stand at attention, and multiple military vehicles are parked, all under a partly cloudy sky.
Thursday, December 21, 2023 12:00 AM

Chief, JUSMAG-Philippines visits Philippine Marine Corps

Chief, JUSMAG-Philippines visits Philippine Marine Corps

The Chief to Joint United States Military Assistance Group-Philippines (JUSMAG-Philippines), Col Edward R Evans visited the Philippine Marine Corps on December 20, 2023 at Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown , Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The visit intends to apprise the Chief, JUSMAG-PH on the thrust of the Corps to attain a Ready Force for Strategic Posturing and Rapid Response for Comprehensive Archipelagic Defense, and its associated development of Specialized Marine Forces for Littoral, Archipelagic, Coastal Defense and Information Warfare maneuvers.



Maritime Soul, Occupational Health and Safety, Specialized Forces, Training as a routine grind. Relevant and Reliable, Ethos and Enthusiasm, Adaptive, Duty to God Country and People, Yield to the interest of the Corps.

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