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Volunteer as Reservist

Aspiring to serve the country but unable to commit full-time in the military. Being in the reserve force is just as noble as being in the active-duty force. They provide support during emergencies, and initiates humanitarian causes in the community. When active-duty Marines are stretched thin, Marine reservists are ready to overcome any adversaries.

Start pursuing your military dream and enlist as a Marine Corps reservist.

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Crucial to the Whole Force

Drill seargeant conducting training

Marine Corps Reserve differs from active-duty Marines as the former work only in part-time positions. Reservists have more flexibility and serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year. They also enjoy the same privileges as any other civilian, such as living at home, attending university, and more. Meanwhile, active duty life is challenging due to the rigors of being on call and ready, especially during wartime when active duty personnel are generally the first to deploy.

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Flexible Yet Capable Reserve

Marine Corps reservists in training

Marines in the Reserve continue to operate in the civilian sector but are prepared to assist the Corps during national or international crises. As Marines, they are held to the same standards as those on active duty. Marine Reservists go through the same 13 weeks of recruit training as their active-duty counterparts, serve in the same military occupational specialties, and must fulfill almost similar qualifying criteria. Each meticulous training sharpens their ability to manage and command small unit operations within a larger force.

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Adeptly Trained as their Counterparts

Marine Corps Reservists standing at attention alongside with their Marine Basic Class Flag


  • Participation in Various Trainings
  • Integration with the regular force during military exercises
  • Nation Building and Socio-Economic Development
  • Disaster Response and Rehabilitation Program
  • Opportunity to Travel Abroad during Cultural Exchange
  • Change to receive uniforms for selected reservists training
  • Limited access on Military Facilities

Reserve Force


  • Atleast 18 - 64 Years Old
  • Natural Born Filipino Citizen
  • Must pass medical and physical examination
  • Must be atleast highschool graduate for enlistment and bachelors degree for commission
  • Must pass AFPSAT for commission
  • Must be cleared by N2

Initial Requirements:

  • Reservist Information Datasheet
  • Basic/Advance ROTC
  • College Diploma & Transcript of Records
  • PRC License/ Professional Civil Service Eligibility
  • NBI Clearance
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Drug Test

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Maritime Soul, Occupational Health and Safety, Specialized Forces, Training as a routine grind. Relevant and Reliable, Ethos and Enthusiasm, Adaptive, Duty to God Country and People, Yield to the interest of the Corps.

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